Experience the Benefits of Biochar

Quickly increase soil organic carbon content to boost your soil and plant health.

Simulates and protects beneficial microbes

Stimulates and protects beneficial microbes.

Helps retain moisture and nutrients

Helps retain moisture and nutrients.

Increases Cation Exchange Capacity

Improves plant nutrient uptake by increasing Cation Exchange Capacity

Increases Soil Pliability

Increases your soil's pliability.

A little goes a long way and lasts lifetimes.


SoilMatrix is AirTerra's high-quality biochar. AirTerra's initial soil product is a pure granulated biochar that can be easily blended with compost and/or nutrient rich garden soils.

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For People & Planet

The use of biochar in soils contributes to a healthy planet by balancing carbon in the atmosphere and the soil. Furthermore, AirTerra also works with people in developing countries to promote the use of life-saving clean and efficient cooking stoves that have the added benefit of producing biochar as a byproduct of cooking. AirTerra promotes the use of biochar produced by these stoves to make biochar-fortified organic fertilizers. Read more and view videos about AirTerra's activities in Kenya and Malawi.

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