Team Members

Team Member

Rob Lavoie

President & CEO

Team Member

Karin Lavoie

Vice President

Team Member

Claude Lavoie

Vice President
Supply Chain

Team Member

Alex Lavoie

Business Development

Team Member

Timothy Lipp

Business Development

Who We Are

AirTerra is a for-people-and-planet organization that is also a sustainable for-profit company. After AirTerra's founding in 2009, the primary focus was promoting the use of clean and efficient biochar-generating stoves in developing countries - beginning in Kenya and expanding to Malawi in 2015. During this time (2009 to 2015) AirTerra was also working on a for-profit North American biochar product line. The first significant milestone towards realizing this in Canada was the successful registration of a biochar product with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) -- the first in Canada! AirTerra is now ready to sell biochar products.

Our Values

  1. People
  2. Planet
  3. Sustainability
  1. Working with people to improve their ability to live sustainably
  2. Restoring Earth's soils by removing carbon from the atmosphere and converting it into high-quality biochar fortified soil products
  3. Having fun in the process


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