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SoilMatrix(tm) is an easy to use high quality pure biochar. Blend it into compost and top dress it on your garden or flower bed to achieve great plant yields for vegetables and lush flowers for planters. Biochar improves plant health by increasing nutrient uptake. SoilMatrix Biochar is Canadian Food Inspection Agency Approved! Contact us for purchase, $19.99 for 7 litres (1.15 kgs net) plus shipping. Sign up for our Newsletter and learn about future discounts and special offers.

SoilMatrix Biochar Benefits

Moisture Retention

Retains moisture longer during dry periods.

A Home for Beneficial Microbes

The many pore spaces in biochar make an ideal habitat for beneficial microbes.

Lifetime Soil Supplement

Because of its non-decomposing carbon composition, SoilMatrix does not need to be replenished year after year.

Nutrient Retention

Nutrients are adsorbed onto the large surface area represented by biochar.

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Who Can Benefit from SoilMatrix?

Industrial Agriculture and Landscaping

SoilMatrix Biochar can be used as an ingredient in large scale agricultural and landscaping soil amendment programs.

Experimental Gardeners and Horticulturalists

SoilMatrix can be used as an ingredient in potting soil and greenhouse growing media mixes.

Now available at Golden Acre Home and Garden

AirTerra is now supplying SoilMatrix Biochar to Golden Acre Home and Garden for local Calgarians. Golden Acre has been Calgary’s garden centre for the past 50 years. As one of the largest full-service centres in Canada, they carry a large selection of organic and environmentally-beneficial products to support a healthy planet and a healthy garden.

What is Biochar?

Biochar is a high carbon content, charcoal-like material, made by heating plant matter to temperatures above 400 degrees C in a low- to no-oxygen environment. Biochar is valuable as a soil restructuring agent that enhances plant growth and health by improving the following soil characteristics: moisture retention, nutrient retention, provision of a beneficial microbe habitat, and soil pliability. Nutrients that are adsorbed onto the surface of biochar's porous structure become more readily available to plants through an enhanced ionic exchange capacity. The introduction of biochar into soils provides a home for beneficial microbes to thrive. These beneficial microbes stimulate mycorrhizal fungi, which in turn help plants thrive through improved plant root health. Furthermore, the amendment of biochar into soils is a means by which carbon is removed from the atmosphere. This also increases soil organic carbon.

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